Marmot Wm’s Women’s PRECIP Jacket TURTLE DOVE Assessment

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      Really tough decision because I like the black Varsity jacket the best..except they don’t mention that the sleeves are LEATHER in the description, which = faux leather. Faux leather doesn’t breathe, it tears and rips, it doesn’t stand up to the elements and so you can’t get that one.

      The blue is okay, in fact it’s kind of cute. It would be great if it came in black..but it isn’t the same as the leather sleeved Varsity jacket. It also doesn’t look nearly as warm as the Varsity jacket for winter.

      Here’s the thing:
      The black on black varsity jacket is 100% in and cool and fantastic. It’s warm, it looks good..everything is sooo right about it. You HAVE to get one..but it just can not be one that has faux leather sleeves.. You just CAN’T. It’s like a woman wearing cubic zerconia..or somebody wearing hair extensions and a padded’s just wrong that’s all.

      The varsity jacket is a million times cuter than the blue.

      Other black Varsity jackets:

      Livin cool Varsity jacket:
      (beautiful but too expensive)

      eBay~black leather sleeved Varsity jacket (only $70 with genuine leather sleeves)

      eBay varsity jacket:
      (great but too expensive)

      Varsity the logo but these are expensive:

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    Inflatable Jacket Works.. Urgent, Thanks? Inflatable jacket works
    how inflatable jacket works???? what is inside that to make it works?
    hmm.. thanks… but what is the “thing” inside to make the “something” to mix with CO2?? i heard inside has a “paper” or something to release a spring… is that so??

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      Inflatable jackets usually have a CO2 cartridge and a mechanism to release the gas. The interior of the jacket has a large bladder that holds the gas and makes the jacket buoyant. Some jackets have an automatic feature that sets off the cartridge when you go into the water, but these can be set off accidentally, as when a large wave drenches you in an open cockpit. Hope this helps.

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    Blue Jackets And/or St. Louis Blues? Who will win between the Jackets or Blues????

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      Jackets will be ending the Blues streak tonight! It will be an interesting home and home series with a playoff atmosphere. 8 games to go and each team is looking to make it into the playoffs. Jackets need some wins to ensure they maintain their 6th place position (maybe even move to #5)

      I’ve always enjoyed the Jackets/ Blues games, it’s always fast and physical. I still like the jackets in this one.

      ** Well I was wrong about last night, great comeback by the Jackets though. I see a regulation win tonight for the Jackets since they are angry and at home tonight!

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    Is This A Good Rain Jacket? I am looking for a good rain jacket and I love the Air Force. Could someone tell me if this looks like a good rain jacket?

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      Rain jackets are so last summer, offense! but its fine, yeah

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    What Jacket Should I Get? Ok I’m trying to decide on a jacket to get. Should I get a leather jacket. ( I’m a girl) or a leather jacket that has a hoodie attached to it. Or a jean jacket with a hoodie attached to it. Or a normal sweatshirt? Or just a plain jean jacket that’s cut off at the shoulders? What should I get? I’m blonde I’m 5″5 weigh 130 wich jackets or sweatshirt should I
    Get? Also if you have any other jackets or anything in mind give me site to go look at it or a link or anything helpfull thanks!

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      Leather jacket because jean jacket almost every girl has it so deff leather jacket not with the hoodie attached to it , ?

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    • Megan
    • February 18, 2014

    Leather Jacket Heelp? I need a black leather jacket under $50, any store websites?

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    Place To Buy Track Jacket? Where is a good store to buy nice track jackets?
    good quality track jackets

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      I hate to sound like a fanboi here, but if you know what size you wear, is totally the way to go. They have a wide range of nice track jackets, and shipping is free on purchases over $25 (and it’s going to be over $25 if it’s a nice jacket). If you don’t want what you ordered for some reason they will pay for return shipping. They have a better selection then you’d find at Sears or Kohl’s or the such. Let me see if I can make a link here to their track jackets:

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    Ladies…Spring Jackets..? I’m just wondering what kind of spring jackets are in style ? I been seeing a lot of those army jackets. Is there any other jackets that are in style though?

    Please post links of jackets and/or stores where I can find them

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      Spring jackets that are in style are..

      – the navy, army print jackets

      – the plain navy green jackets

      – jackets with little floral patterns

      -neon colored jackets

      You can find these types of jackets in stores like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Mellvile, Forever 21..

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