Tacx Trainer Sorftware 4.1 Survey

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    • Amr
    • February 9, 2014

    In Stronghold Crusader Game No Cheats Or Trainers Are Working !!? I have tried to play with cheats or even trainers in Stronghold Crusader v1.0 but no cheat or trainer is working if anyone has the solution tell me ,

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      Is this an online game? If so, a trainer will not work.

      Trainers, like any other piece of software, will sometimes have compatibility problems. The important thing to remember is that you’re cheating. You’re trying to manipulate the game to work in a way that the programmers never intended. Sometimes the programmers go out of their way to make this more difficult. Here’s a few things you can try if you’re having problems getting trainers (ours or any other) to work:

      Make sure you have the right version. If the trainer is written for v1.1 and your game has been patched to v1.2 then this is a good reason for the trainer to fail. Trainers are looking for very specific places in memory or the executable and updates tend to shift these locations around. Many times you can reinstall the game back to the level needed to get the trainer to work. Otherwise you will need to wait for a new version of the trainer to be released.

      Disable any third-party programs you may be using such as FRAPS and/or Antivirus. These third party programs sometimes cause issues with the video system or with the memory space the trainer is trying to occupy. Some antivirus programs protect memory locations and can actually stop the trainer from modifying those values. Disabling them while playing can many times cause the trainer to start working. You should always scan the trainer with your antivirus or anti-spyware application to make sure it’s clean before disabling to run with the game.

      Always read the instructions that are included with the trainer. Usually this is in a readme or .nfo file. Open these files with Notepad to read them. You can also download and install the NFO FILE VIEWER. Some trainers need to be run AFTER the game has started (by pressing ALT+TAB to go back to the desktop) and some need to be loaded BEFORE the game is started. Some need to be placed in the same directory as the game and others can be placed anywhere. Using the wrong method can cause the trainer to fail. Some trainers require additional files before they can work and may be noted in the readme/nfo files.

      Sometimes the game’s copy protection itself can interfere with the trainer’s functions. If you have LEGALLY purchased the game, you can visit sites such as megagames . com or gameburnworld . com and download a game ‘fix’ that will disable the protection and allow the trainer to function properly. Always make a backup of your original files so you can return the game back to it’s original state after the necessary cheats have been applied. Just like with trainers, make sure the fix you download matches the version of the game you have.

      Are you trying to use the trainer in multiplayer mode? Most trainers are made to work with SINGLE PLAYER MODE only. Here at Cheat Happens, we never intentionally create or post cheats that work in a multiplayer environment. Cheats (in our opinion) should only be used for single player modes and trying to use them in multiplayer will cause the cheats not to work and may possibly get you banned from that game’s multiplayer servers.

      Are the keys the trainer has assigned to cheats also mapped to controls in the game? If so, this will cause the trainer to fail as the game’s control keys will almost always override the trainer’s hotkeys. If this happens, re-map your game’s controls to different keys and then the trainer keys should work fine.

      Are you using any type of multimedia keyboard that has software running which makes the special keys work? Some people have trouble with these types of programs as they overwrite the trainer’s built-in hotkeys. Try disabling any software like this before running the trainer/game. If your keyboard has a F-Lock key or NumLock key and the trainer uses the function keys or numpad for its options, make sure you have them turned on.

      Are you using Windows Vista? Try running the game and trainer in compatibility mode. You can also try running the trainer as Administrator. Also, make sure you’re using 32-bit mode and not 64-bit. Some newer trainers may work fine on Vista 32-bit and 64-bit without the need to run in compatibility mode. You will almost always have to run the trainer as Administrator however.

      Did you download the game from Direct2Drive or STEAM? Many times these digital download services sell a slightly modified version of the game in order to make them compatible with downloading and playing without a CD/DVD. Trainers rely on very specific memory locations or game files in order to work. The slightest change in the game’s code could cause the trainer to fail. If you’re using one of these downloaded versions, this could be the case. Always mention if you have one of these versions if you’re reporting a problem with a trainer. Sometimes applying a no-cd “fix” to these downloaded versions will make them compatible with the trainer and is always something to try.

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    Turbo Trainer Computer Software? OK, so i was wondering, being winter going out on my bike is a pain with the weather and also i have some exams coming up so i cant devote a day to going out on the bike. i was wondering if with the cheaper turbo trainers you can get some kind of virtual reality software that you can use that displays a route. I know that Tacx do something, which is like a game in a way where you race with a team using the trainer to provide the speed/effort of the rider on-screen. i was wondering whether with a cheap trainer i have something similar to this trainer:

    I would like to know if there is any software that you can buy that you can use with a bike trainer like this. maybe something that has a sensor on the bike wheel or something like that and of course relativity inexpensive. the main purpose of this being that i don’t get too bored on the bike and just stop, something to keep my interest or keep me motivated. i know this probably sounds quite confused but try to help please!


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      Computerized trainers are expensive. The one in the picture has a simple steel wire cable that controls a magnetic resistance unit. You can’t control a resistance unit by computer without a bunch of electronic controls and sensors. You need a lot of hardware to go with the software for those units. You also need a computer to work with it.

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    Personal Chess Trainer Software? Im trying to download PCT but the site no longer exists. Can anyone share their trial version of the software?..thanks

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      Yeah same thing happened to me. Give you another link:
      Hope it works. Otherwise you could try downloading other chess software: (shareware versions and some freeware)

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    Personal Trainer Software? I was just wondering if there was in software out there that helps with nutrition and workouts.

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    How Can I Become A Computer Software Trainer? I’m interested in industry specific software like human resources, financial, etc. software.

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      You can work for a consulting company.

      You could also work for a software company. Companies often provide training for their users. Of course, you should be an expert using the s/w itself.

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    • A b
    • February 20, 2014

    3d Software? If you click on this link there will be an image on the screen. does anyone know of a software that is like that?


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      The image that comes up does NOT looks like any software I know of (I’m a computer technician and Software trainer)
      I have try over 300 business software applications
      Please note that if you want to become a SERIOUS game developer you would need patience and dedication.
      If you are interested on game developing I would advice you to to use one or more of the following:
      Direct X

      Environment and skins:

      3ds max(TM)
      LightWave(R) 3D,
      Swift 3D MAX
      Swift 3D LW

      Development of video games is undertaken by a developer, which may be a single person or a business. Typically, large-scale commercial games are developed by development teams within a company specializing in computer or console games. A typical modern video game costs from USD$1,000,000 to over $20,000,000 to develop.[citation needed] Development is normally funded by a publisher. A contemporary game can take from one to three years to develop, though there are exceptions.

      [edit] Roles
      While in the early era of home computers and video game consoles in the early 1980s, a single programmer could handle almost all the tasks of developing a game. However the development of modern commercial video games involves a wide variety of skill-sets and support staff. As a result, entire teams are often required to work on a single project. A typical present-day development team usually includes:

      One or more producers to oversee production
      At least one game designer
      Level designers
      Sound engineers (composers, and for sound effects and voice acting)
      Some members of the team may handle more than one role. For example, the producer may also be the designer, or the lead programmer may also be the producer. However, while common in the early video game era, this is increasingly more uncommon now for professional games.

      GOOD LUCK..
      and remember the greatest thigs and reiches poeple are there because of patience and dedication
      you can jsut create a great game by point and click..

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  5. How Does A Pokemon Game Calculate A Trainer Id Number? Is there software/hardware that tells you how a trainer id number is randomly calculated?

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      The trainer ID is generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

      “Whenever a random event occurs in the Pokemon games, and indeed in the majority of games, the randomness of the event is not truly random, but is governed by a mathematical formula that generates so-called pseudo-random numbers. When we say pseudo-random, we mean that the numbers generated are not truly random numbers, but are sort-of fake random numbers.

      There are various methods that can be used to generate pseudo-random numbers. One of the simplest types of random number generators is the class of linear congruential random number generators. Many computer applications adopt this method of random number generation, as, while it is very simple to implement, it produces good random numbers when given particular values. By “good random numbers” we mean that if the numbers were to be listed next to each other, we wouldn't have a clue as to what the next pseudo-random number would be in the list unless we apply the formula.

      The random number generator (RNG) used in all the Pokemon games from Ruby and Sapphire onwards works as follows. When the game loads, the program assigns a number to a 32-bit variable which we shall call seed. The way this is done varies from game to game (you can read loadingNOW's article for more information). Then, whenever the random number generator is invoked, the following steps are executed:

      – Make seed equal to the last 32 bits of (seed x [41C64E6D] + [6073])
      – Output first 16 bits of seed as the next pseudo-random number

      Thus, as you can see, the Pokemon RNG produces pseudo-random 16-bit numbers, i.e. numbers between 0 and 65535 (or between [0000] and [FFFF]).

      For instance, given the seed [1A56B091], what is the random number that the above RNG outputs?

      First we need to multiply [1A56B091] by [41C64E6D]. Using a calculator, the answer of this multiplication is [6C469F301DB5BBD]. We now add [6073] to this, becoming [6C469F301DBBC30]. Remember that a computer adds and multiplies numbers only in binary, so multiplying and adding hexadecimal numbers is very easy for it. Windows' own calculator application allows multiplication and addition of hexadecimal numbers to be done easily, if you want to do them yourself. We now make the new seed equal to the last 32 bits of this hexadecimal number, or [01DBBC30] (remember that a hexadecimal digit is 4 bits). The random number produced is thus the first 16 bits of this new seed, or [01DB].

      Repeatedly invoking the RNG produces the following list of pseudo-random numbers:

      [01DB], [7B06], [5233], [E470], [5CC4], [36BB], …

      It can be shown that the seed variable will become the same as it was at the start of the program only after the RNG is invoked 4,294,967,296 times. In all those RNG invocations, the variable seed would have become equal to every number between 0 and 4,294,967,295 (or between [00000000] and [FFFFFFFF]) exactly once. This essentially means that the random number sequence won't repeat itself until after that amount of invocations.”

      “Thanks to TCCPhreak’s research, we know that the Trainer ID and Secret ID (and the seed from which they are found) are generated at the end of the new game sequence (after the TV scene is dismissed in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) using the same RNG as PID generation of eggs. For a given seed, the game calls this RNG twice and looks at the second call (frame 2 of DPPt Egg PID in RNG Reporter). The left four hexadecimal digits are the Secret ID, and the right four digits are the visible Trainer ID.”

      “The game creates a PID from two RNG calls. Since each RNG call results in a 16-bit number, appending these two 16-bit numbers together results in a 32-bit number, which becomes the PID of the Pokemon. The second random number becomes the first 16 bits of the PID, and the first random number becomes the second 16 bits.

      For example, suppose the two random numbers generated were [01DB] and [7B06] as above. Then the PID of the Pokemon would be [7B0601DB], or 2063991259 in decimal.”

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    Programming Trainers?

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      You need a training software? Try “Programming Taskbook” – this tool may very well improve your programming skills.

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    • Hecvj
    • February 26, 2014

    Free MIDI Sight Reading Trainer Software? What is a good free MIDI sight reading training software for a music keyboard

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    What Is The Use Of A Trainer??? What is th use of a trainer????

    i mean like DOTA TRAINER in pc

    is it cheat or something??? can someone answer this question??

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      Trainer is a simple software for cheating in video games…every game has a different and several trainers and some dont have any…it depends.

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