1in6 Cycling Jersey – Women’s Review

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    Wii Sports Vs Outdoor Sports? Can you guys give me some ideas, like COMPARE and CONTRAST the two subjects. It can be school sports vs wii sports OR wii fit. I am writing an essay, i have started it but ran out of ideas. So please jot down some ideas if you do, it would really help me.

    Thank you all so much

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      Obviously outdoor… wii just tires you out, doesnt u teach u a pennys worth, trust me, i dnt play tennis but excell at wii tennis, so i thought “hey! i think im gud to play” but i lost. but yea, if its snowing outside, wii sports cum in handy

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    • Ming
    • February 9, 2014

    Which Is Better Quick Dry Shirt Or Cotton Shirts For Outdoor Sports? When we are in outdoor sports, for example, hiking ,climbing ,caving ,camping ,we must have a quick dry t-shirt or shirt. Why we need a quick dry t-shirt not a 100% cotton t-shirt or shirt? Some people think that I prefer 100% soft cotton t-shirt which is more comfortable to wear.no other material except pure cotton.

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      When we are in outdoor sports, for example, hiking ,climbing ,caving ,camping ,we must have a quick dry t-shirt or shirt. Why we need a quick dry t-shirt not a 100% cotton t-shirt or shirt? Some people think that I prefer 100% soft cotton t-shirt which is more comfortable to wear.no other material except pure cotton.

      First I explain why we prefer a quick dry material t-shirt or shirt to a pure cotton t-shirt.as we know that, when we play a sports, we will be sweat,if we wear a pure cotton t-shirt which will absorb the sweat, maybe you think that is good ,that is why I prefer 100% cotton t-shirt .but no, if the cotton t-shirt absorb the sweat, it will make the t-shirt wetting, you will feel uncomfortable if you wear it with one or two hours and more it may be caught a bad cold. By contrary ,if we wear a quick dry t-shirt or shirt which will drain sweat to surface of t-shirt, and then the sweat will volatilize to air ,your t-shirt and your body will be Dry and clean, you feel comfortable , you maybe more enjoy your outdoor sports.

      Maybe you ask why the quick dry t-shirt have the function? Yes, quick dry t-shirt is not an ordinary t-shirt as we bought in clothing shop. Quick dry t-shirt is made of quick dry material. There are some quick dry hiking long sleeve t-shirt to reference .generally there are seven quick dry material.
      Polyester made of quick t-shirt, it can fast dry and keep the clothing dry and clean, but there is weakness, because it is polyester ,the -shirt will be not comfortable and feel soft as we wear the pure cotton t-shirt, price for polyester quick dry t-shirt is cheaper than others material.
      it is a perfect material for quick dry t-shirt, it is more comfortable then polyester and more quick dry ,this one is quick dry blcool short sleeve sports hiking t-shirt .
      Number 3 ,number 4 .number 5,number 6 material ,it is produced by other company, these material made of quick dry t-shirt which are in very good ,many people love them. Please see the sample of quick dry t-shirt.i bought quick dry hiking t-shirt from online website: http://www.iconiciris.com . I think the price is good ,this Women’s quick dry long sleeve t-shirt UV fabric t-shirt hiking shirt climbing t-shirt red are perfect for me to hiking and climbing.

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    Ideas For An Outdoor Sporting Goods Company? Hi, we’re opening a business on April 1. We plan to include outdoor sports, seasonal sports and clothing. Just looking for some feedback. What would you like to buy at a store like this? do you have a favorite brand? Any ideas really. We’ve got most of it set up already, we’ve got the basics covered, but there’s still some room for a few more things. Any idea is a good idea, so feel free. Thank you!!!
    the store is in British columbia, Canada, on the gulf coast, on gabriola island.

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      Just a short list of things I’d expect at a sporting goods store:
      – knives, machetes, axes and saws
      – camping necessities like tents/tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, stoves, fuel, cookware, backpacks, hammocks, etc
      – firestarting equipment like firesteels, butane lighters, matches(at least a couple forms), firesticks, maybe some exotic forms like fire pistons.
      – water containers
      – backpacking friendly clothing(light and tough)
      – if your including hunting, guns, bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts, ammo, camo paint, etc

      ColdSteel, Mora of Sweden(low price but great knives), Buck, Gerber, and maybe Fallkniven if you want to get interesting with knives.
      Maxpedition, Equinox, Expedition, Kelty, and maybe a few army surplus backpacks.
      Coleman is the only brand of stoves I can think of.
      many things you can use for outdoors stuff can be found at army surplus, sometimes in bulk, I’d be happy to see a sporting goods store that gave army surplus options too.
      just to ask, where are you starting your business? in Canada, just wondering.

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    Why Is Outdoor Recreation Under Sports? It’s irritating having to make your way through crap to get to happiness .

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      1) Outdoor Recreation has never been a popular enough topic on Yahoo! Answers to warrant any changes. Go ahead and make a suggestion.

      2) We still have only a few specific categories and everything else left to Other – Outdoor Recreation which is a wasteland of questions about airsoft for some inexplicable reason.

      3) Instead of Firearms & Shooting we only have Hunting.

      4) No Hiking, let alone Backpacking, even though Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in America.

      5) Still, about the name, “Sports” is defined in part by competition of some kind and I’ve actually found that is what draws many people to “outdoor sports”, whether it’s riding faster than your friends or training for competition, that’s why a lot of people are out there.

      6) Almost everyone else is in competition with themselves, much to their detriment as I’m about to explain.

      7) Civilization is a faulty and destructive mistake and even those of us who attempt to escape it with hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, hunting, sailing and backpacking trips foolishly bring it along with us in the form of competition with oneself.

      8) It behooves every one of us outdoorsmen (and women) to abandon this philosophy and give up. You’re not in competition with yourself, you don’t have to fight anymore, you can just “be” in the outdoors.

      9) I always thought this sort of philosophy was wrong until I noticed the destruction going on around me that competition has wrought: development, death of biodiversity, out of control population growth, new rules and regulations, new dangers,

      10) and I was out there every day fighting the wilderness, to finish that trail, to get to the end, much to my detriment as I became violently ill on nearly half my trips.

      11) Now I can just relax and get there when I get there because being there, away from the lie of success, away from the the fighting I’ve always dismissed while unconsciously embracing inside myself, is what’s important and nothing else.

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